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Decades of Pro Snow Removal in Anchorage, AK

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"Use these guys for regular snow removal for my parking lot. They are extremely reliable and always get the job done fast. Highly recommend".
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Snow Removal in Anchorage AK Has Never Been Better

Top-Rated Services

Residential & commercial snow removal services that keep you & your clients safe
Prompt snow shoveling, plowing, and blowing using industrial equipment and machinery
Complete de-icing and ice dam removal from your home or business walkways, paths, etc.

Emergency Action

We're available 24/7 when you have a snow or ice emergency that cannot wait 
Quick turnaround for rooftop snow removal, so no damages like sinking occur 
Immediate salting and sanding services on sidewalks, parking lots, and in front of doors

Experience You Can Trust

Many years of snow removal services in the Anchorage, Alaska community
Our company uses the most high-quality trucks, tools, and snow melting products
Affordable rates and seasonal payment plans that are fit for just about any budget

We're All About Alaska Snow Removal - Your Safety is On the Line

For years, our team has made snow removal in Anchorage, AK, a top priority? Why? Because excessive snow accumulation can be a serious safety hazard for your family, your customers, and even your pets. In Alaska, snow season (which is pretty much all of the time) can be intense. During the winter, we see regular blizzards. Someone, with the right equipment and tools, needs to clean up all of that white stuff, and that someone is us.

Our locally-owned business is fully licensed and insured. Each of our snow removal technicians has been trained in operating all heavy machinery like our plows and tractors. You can feel confident in our capabilities. We also use a series of hand tools like shovels and ice picks for smaller jobs. Sanding and salting are our most reliable ice melting products.

If you need a reliable snow removal company, we ask you to set your sights on ours. Anchorage Snow Removal Experts are here to answer your call whenever you need us. If a late-night blizzard strikes and your roof is bowing under the pressure of the snow, you can count on us to plow our way to your rescue.

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We Remove Snow So You Don't Have To

Anchorage Snow Removal Experts offer a service that takes the burden of plowing, shoveling, and de-icing off your plate. You no longer have to stand out in the cold. We'll do the job for you!

Dedicated Technicians

Our Anchorage snow removal specialists are willing to plow, shovel, and de-ice at the drop of a dime. It doesn't matter how cold, blustery, or miserable the conditions are-we'll be there to answer the call of duty when the flakes fly.

Emergency Service

Snow and ice storms can strike at any moment here in Anchorage, Alaska. If you're native to the area, then you understand full well the need for emergency snow plowing. You can count on us to tackle the white stuff 24/7.

Affordable Prices

At Anchorage Snow Removal Experts, we don't believe in charging an arm and a leg for such necessary services as snow plowing. We offer competitive rates and seasonal packages that just about anyone can afford.

Industrial Equipment

Serious snowfall requires serious equipment. Our plows, trucks, tractors, and snow blowers are routinely maintained so that they are always ready to get the job done when Mother Natures calls. Even our hand tools are top-notch!


There's nothing wrong with big franchise corporations, but doesn't it feel good to support a local business that does just as good, if not better a job? Ours is a company that cares about its community in Anchorage AK.

Years of Experience

We are definitely not the new kids on the block. Our team has many years of experience in the snow shoveling industry. We know the methods to use and which ones not to apply. We're reliable, dependable, and most of all, trustworthy.

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FAQs About Snow Plowing in Anchorage

Are you ready to lay the shovel down and hire an amazing company like ours to handle your snow removal in Anchorage, AK, but you have some questions first? Check out our FAQ section! Common questions answered by our experts in snow removal services. 

Why is snow removal important?

Snow accumulation can create hazardous environments around your home or business, which can lead to injury and property damage. In severe cases, snowfall can lead to inaccessibility of doorways, walkways, driveways, etc.

What is the best snow removal equipment?

There are numerous types of snow removal equipment that include backhoes, steer loaders, wheel loaders, utility vehicles, mini truck loaders, bucket attachments, and other accessories. 

Do snowplows damage driveways?

Sometimes, yes, snowplows can damage driveways, but there are many factors that play a role. If you hire a company that is experienced and knows how to properly handle its equipment you shouldn't see any damages to your driveway during snow plowing.

Still Curious About Our Snow Removal Services in Anchorage, AK?

Anchorage Snow Removal Experts offer a full menu of snow removal services to choose from for both commercial and residential customers. We offer everything from shoveling to de-icing and all that's in-between. Plus, our rates are incredibly affordable and come highly recommended.

Residential Snow Removal for Your Anchorage Home

It doesn't matter if you live in a small cottage or three-story house; our team at Anchorage Snow Removal Experts is here to offer you world-class snow eradication services. Well, we will eradicate the snow until it falls again, and then we will start the process over because that's how we roll. 

Residential snow services include plowing, shoveling, de-icing, and sanding. If you have an icy walkway or driveway, we'll take measurements to rid you of the slippery substance, so there are no accidents. When the weather announcer predicts a blizzard on the horizon, you can count on our team for emergency snow removal 24-hours a day.
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commercial snow removal anchorage

Affordable Commercial Snow Removal in Anchorage, Alaska

When snow and ice are crowding the outside of your business property, this can put a damper on the day's earnings. It can also cause your insurance policy to skyrocket should a patron slip and fall. Nobody wants to see either of these things to happen. Anchorage Snow Removal experts offer professional commercial property snow plowing for your convenience.

We offer special snow removal plans for our commercial customers that they can choose from based upon their needs. If there has been significant snowfall, you can opt to have our crew automatically check on your commercial space to ensure all parking lots are plowed and walkways cleared and salted. Our team gives you peace of mind.

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24/7 Emergency Snow Removal in Anchorage, AK

In Alaska, snowfall can often be unpredictable. It tends to snow whenever it wants here. You can go to bed at night with barely any accumulation and wake up in a Winter Wonderland of white fluff in your yard. This isn't ideal when you have to get out of your driveway to go to work and get the kids to school. We want you to know that you're covered.

Anchorage Snow Removal Experts offers emergency services to the local and surrounding communities. We'll have our plows on the road no matter what time of day it is-weekends, holidays, our grandma's birthday, you name it! Our team is ready to get your driveways, walkways, and other areas cleared so you can go on about your business. Call us now!

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Superior Anchorage, AK, De-Icing Services

Snow isn't the only element you have to worry about here in Anchorage, Alaska. Ice is a major problem for both residential and commercial property owners. It makes all concrete and paved surfaces slick and hazardous. We offer a variety of de-icing services in Anchorage that will rid your spaces of ice and prevent slip and fall accidents. Check it out:

  • Ice-dam removal
  • Sand & salt application
  • De-icing for residential and commercial customers

Are you dealing with an ice issue? Call us now so we can put you on our route! Our team is happy to help rid you of the dangerous ice patches that plague your property.

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Our Snow Removal - Anchorage AK & Nearby Areas

Are you in or around the local anchorage area and need reliable snow removal? Our company offers plowing, shoveling, and de-icing services for residential and commercial clients.

If you are on our route, we will be happy to stop and plow your driveway, parking lot, etc. Call today! Our snow removal professionals service all of Anchorage, AK.

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Outstanding Snow Removal Customer Service

There are so many benefits to snow removal in Anchorage, but going about it can often be confusing... That's why we've created this FREE resource to help home & business owners understand snow removal, the most common mistakes to avoid, and how to hire the right contractor. It's all explained right here! Fill out the form below to access the snow removal guide!

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Plowing Through Snowbanks Like a Boss

Anchorage Snow Removal Experts is your top-rated plowing company for both residential and commercial customers. We've got what it takes to melt away your snow day blues! Call us at (907) 206-7444
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