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Prompt, Professional Anchorage Snow Removal Services You Can Count On!

Snow happens. When it does, Anchorage Snow Removal Experts will be there.

Anchorage Snow Removal Experts is dedicated to keeping our community safe with quick, efficient snow plowing, shoveling, de-icing, and emergency winter storm services. Being trapped in your home due to snow blocking your door or driveway is never a pleasant experience, nor is it safe.

You can rely on our snow removal wizards to clear a path for you ASAP! All you have to do is call us and sign up for services. We offer ala cart snow removal as well as recurring services, so you never have to worry about the big blizzard blocking you in.

Our services are available to both residential and commercial customers for your convenience. Get in touch with our staff today to learn more about our processes.

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Our Necessary Anchorage Snow Removal Services

Reliable Residential Snow Removal for Your Anchorage Homestead

Waking up to mounds of white, fluffy snow in your yard and driveway can be a real pain in the you-know-what, especially if you need to get to work or have kids to drop off at school. We all know how unpredictable Alaska snowfall can be, and that's why our company is prepared with residential snow removal services and ready to remove snow from your driveway, walkways, roof, and around your house & outbuildings.

Having accessibility to the road is important for homeowners not only so they can come and go as they please but for emergency services like the fire department or ambulance. All of our snow removal specialists use tools and equipment that get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your busy life.

Expect to see snow blowers, shovels, and heavy-duty machinery at your home when we arrive. We also offer de-icing services to ensure your driveway, walkways, and porch steps are free from slick surfaces. Call us now for service!

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Expert Anchorage Ice Dam Removal Services

Ice dams are formed when snow melts, runs down your roof, and refreezes, causing those large, dangerous icicles to form on the overhang. These ice dams create a wall that traps more melted snow behind it-not a good situation! Here are the top reasons why ice dam form:

  • Having a hot attic
  • Fluctuating environmental temperatures
  • Radiant heat cast from the sun
  • "Perfect" ice dam temperatures between 30 & 32 degrees Farenheight

Our team at Anchorage Snow Removal Experts has the appropriate tools to rid your home or business of hazardous ice dams. We can also apply measures to prevent them from happening in the first place, such as regular snow removal from your roof. Are you curious about ice dam removal services? Visit our blog to learn more.

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Snow Shoveling in Anchorage: Simple & Effective

Snow shoveling is a basic snow removal method that is often our company's first line of defense. It works well for clearing walkways, steps, and small driveways. We also shovel snow off rooftops. Sure, you could easily shovel your own property, but why would you want to put yourself through all of that work when we can affordably do it for you? 

Snow shoveling comes with risks such as slips & falls and hypothermia. These risks are especially high for the elderly community. It's time to come in out of the cold and let our crew shovel away the white stuff for you! If you don't have time to do your own shoveling, please, call us today to get on our snow removal route.

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Say Goodbye to Slippery Surfaces with Anchorage's BEST De-icing Services

If you've ever slipped and fallen on an icy sidewalk or parking lot, you know how awful this experience can be, not to mention embarrassing. If you're a business owner having icy steps, walkways, and parking lots can be a major liability. If someone falls on your property, you're probably going to be hit hard with a lawsuit.

Not a good time! Anchorage Snow Removal Experts is here to save the day with our tried-and-true de-icing treatments. Depending on a few environmental factors, we'll either apply sand or salt to your icy concrete. Another treatment that we use to combat ice is the application of hot steam.

Our team uses tools to "rake" or scrape the ice away from surfaces, an extra measure of precaution. We also remove ice from roofs and ice dams. The time is now to schedule for de-icing services before an accident happens.

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24-Hour Emergency Snow Removal in Anchorage, Alaska

When the snow flies in Alaska, it can accumulate on roads, parking lots, driveways, and buildings in epic proportions in a small period of time. This can be a very dangerous situation for many reasons, not to mention extremely inconvenient. Here's what our 24/7 emergency snow removal services in Anchorage involve:

  • Snow plowing, shoveling, & blowing
  • De-icing services: salting & sanding
  • Ice dam removal
  • Prompt snow removal of roofs, driveways, walkways, vehicles, & more
  • Emergency help for residential & commercial customers

If you require emergency snow removal services, don't hesitate to call us at any time of day. We're always ready to answer the call of duty.

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Sanding Services in Anchorage, AK

At Anchorage Snow Removal Experts, we have found that sanding is a much more effective and safer way to get rid of snow and ice on roads and driveways than salt. Yes, we use salt in certain instances, but generally not where motor vehicles are driven. Salt can be very corrosive to vehicles where sanding does not pose this problem.

We have a fleet of heavy-duty skid steer sanding trucks that can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Another perk of using sand versus salt is cost. Sand is a much more affordable option, and it is better for the environment. Do you need sanding services for your roads, parking lots, and other areas? Call now!

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Expert Anchorage Snow Plowing is Only a Phone Call Away!

Snow plowing in Anchorage is our flagship service. All of our licensed and insured contractors know how to effectively operate our snow plow trucks without damaging driveways and roads. It's amazing to see an entire parking lot filled with snow and our crew being able to plow it away in a matter of minutes.

Can you imagine how long it would take to shovel all of that snow by yourself? Yeah, we bet you don't even want to think about that! Our snow plowing services are available to residential and commercial customers. Call us today and get your snow plowing services underway!

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Anchorage's Premier Snow Blowing Gurus

Snow blowing is an effective way to clear small to mid-size driveways, walking paths, and storefronts of the white fluffy stuff. Our snow blower machines are high-quality and of industrial strength. Each of our snow removal specialists are certified snow blowers and keenly knows how to operate the equipment. Snow blowing is right between plowing and shoveling. It is not as heavy-duty and fast as a plow truck, but it also isn't as cumbersome as a manual shovel, either.

Our team will assess your property and determine whether snow-blowing services are appropriate. Check out our blog then contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Rapid Roof Snow Removal by the Most Experienced Company

Let's face it, rooftops are dangerous, especially when they are covered in ice and snow. It is in your best interest to allow a professional snow removal company like ours to do the job for you. A large amount of accumulated snow can become very heavy and put undue pressure on your roof.

This can cause a lot of problems and even results in caving ins Revere circumstances. We safely remove snow from your roof using safe and effective methods like shoveling and applying melting agents.

While we're up there, our crew will also take care of any ice dams you may have and take precautions to prevent them from occurring. Roof snow removal is available for all Anchorage residential and commercial properties.

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Heavy-Duty Commercial Snow Removal for Businesses

Commercial snow removal service is what keeps our Alaskan businesses thriving during the months with the heaviest snowfall. Our company is dedicated to partnering with commercial property owners and offering them professional snow removal such as:

  • Snow plowing, blowing, & shoveling
  • De-icing measures & ice dam removal
  • Roof snow removal
  • Ensuring steps, walkways, and parking lots are clear of snow & ice
  • 24/7 emergency service

If you own commercial property in Anchorage, we invite you to reach out to our team of snow busters to keep your business in the clear. Let's get you on our schedule now!

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Anchorage Snow Removal services is a fully licensed and insured business that offers high-quality, affordable, and fast service to all of Anchorage. You can count on our team to keep your roadways, roofs, driveways, and parking lots free and clear of excessive snow accumulation and ice. Call us now to schedule recurring snow removal.

Fast & Affordable Anchorage Snow Removal

When the wind is blowing and the snow is falling, stay inside where it's warm and let Anchorage Snow Removal Experts do the plowing & shoveling for you!  Call us at (907) 206-7444
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